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Jay Shepherd is a Toronto lawyer and writer. This site includes a series on energy issues, plus some random non-fiction on matters of interest. More important, it includes the Lives series, which bridge the gap between fiction and non-fiction, and now some short stories. Fiction is where I'm going, but not everything you want to say fits one form. I am not spending any time actively marketing what I write, but by all means feel free to share if you think others would enjoy reading this stuff.

Dotard vs. Little Rocket Man

Who is really pulling the strings in the Trump/Kim drama?
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Energy #23 – What’s Up With Orillia?

The City of Orillia has apparently decided to appeal the OEB decision refusing to approve the purchase of Orillia Distribution by Hydro One. What’s up with that? How We Got Here – the Transaction Let’s start with some background.  On … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking

In the news this week, a grade 8 teacher in Texas was suspended for asking his students to list the positives and negatives in the lives of slaves.  Outrage filled the land (and the parents), resulting in much flapping about. … Continue reading

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Regulating Facebook

Almost four years ago I wrote an article entitled “Fixing Facebook:  The Common Carrier Option”.  Since that time, the Facebook issue has become even more of a concern, with allegations that misuse of Facebook information influenced both the U.S. Presidential … Continue reading

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Energy #22 – Electricity Distribution: A Radical Proposal

This is a proposal to alter, in a fairly radical way, how electricity distribution rates are set in the province of Ontario. The proposal is to shift to postage-stamp rates, i.e. everyone in the province with similar distribution requirements pays … Continue reading

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I’m thirty years removed from being the smallest guy on my varsity hockey team.  My teenagers call me “old man”. The kid was more like a linebacker.  He was maybe seventeen, too young to be in the bar, drunk and … Continue reading

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Lives #13 – #MeToo?

[This is the thirteenth in a series of stories about interesting people I’ve known, called “Lives”.  I don’t know whether you would call it non-fiction, or fiction.  I’ve changed the names, and some of the details, so that the individuals … Continue reading

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