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Jay Shepherd is a Toronto lawyer and writer. This site includes a series on energy issues, plus some random non-fiction on matters of interest. More important, it includes the Lives series, which bridge the gap between fiction and non-fiction, and now some short stories. Fiction is where I'm going, but not everything you want to say fits one form. I am not spending any time actively marketing what I write, but by all means feel free to share if you think others would enjoy reading this stuff.

The Scalable Universe

And now for something completely different.
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Energy #19 – Regulatory Capture

This article was originally supposed to be about the Fair Hydro plan, and in particular the regulatory failures that led to the political need for it. As so often happens, events overtook my plan.  While I was looking at the … Continue reading

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Small Business Tax Avoidance Proposals

[This is my analysis of current government proposals to change the private corporation tax rules, limiting certain tax planning schemes.  It has also been filed as a submission to the Minister of Finance.] Background and Summary I own a small … Continue reading

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WARNING:  This article may contain twists and turns that you were not expecting. I was in a very nice restaurant with three friends, having dinner.  It was about seven o’clock, maybe a little earlier.  Because the place was full, we … Continue reading

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Lives #12: A Star

[This is the twelfth in a series of stories about interesting people I’ve known, called “Lives”.  I don’t know whether you would call it non-fiction, or fiction.  I’ve changed the names, and some of the details, so that the individuals … Continue reading

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Who Knew Freedom of Speech Would be So Complicated?

This article originally started with the sentence “I can’t remember the last time I agreed with Jeffrey Lord.”  That may no longer be true. It’s true that his conservative views are about as far away from my more liberal approach … Continue reading

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Energy #18 – How Bad is the OEB, Anyway?

The other day I was having a discussion with someone about a possible speaking engagement, and he said “You can always be relied on to give the OEB a few well-aimed kicks.” That gave me a little pause. There was, … Continue reading

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