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Jay Shepherd is a Toronto lawyer and writer. This site includes a series on energy issues, plus some random non-fiction on matters of interest. More important, it includes the Lives series, which bridge the gap between fiction and non-fiction, and now some short stories. Fiction is where I'm going, but not everything you want to say fits one form. I am not spending any time actively marketing what I write, but by all means feel free to share if you think others would enjoy reading this stuff.

Energy #17 – Death Spiral

Ontario Power Generation is going to go bankrupt. No, I am not speaking metaphorically.  Just as its predecessor Ontario Hydro did in 1999, so too OPG will reach the point of insolvency when it is no longer a viable commercial … Continue reading

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Trump Redux: Us Against the Swamp

Here it comes, the triumph of good over evil.  Trump will fall.  There is unrestrained glee throughout the land (well, until they get a little more of Mike Pence, perhaps). So that’s it, right? Not so fast, you liberal tree-huggers. … Continue reading

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Lives #10 – A Potemkin Marriage

[This is the tenth in a series of stories about interesting people I’ve known, called “Lives”.  I don’t know whether you would call it non-fiction, or fiction.  I’ve changed the names, and some of the details, so that the individuals … Continue reading

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A Happy Life

A Happy Life Continue reading

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Energy #16 – The Big Build

Energy #16 – The Big Build Continue reading

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Lives #9 – So How Would You Have Reacted?

This is a story about Jeanne. Jeanne’s story encompasses her whole life, really, but even she would acknowledge that her husband Bobby’s death was a turning point.  Many things happened before and leading up to his death.  Some of them … Continue reading

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Multiple Sclerosis

Those of you who know me will be aware that for many years I have focused some of my charitable fundraising, and giving, on the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. I didn’t have any particular connection to MS when I … Continue reading

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