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Energy #25 – “Innovation”

Where should we begin?

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Energy #24 – Hydro One’s Phantom Taxes

Hydro One is planning to collect more than $1.5 billion ($2.0 billion in rates) for taxes it will never pay.   The Ontario Energy Board seems poised to let them do that. This has created a bit of a controversy. As … Continue reading

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Energy #23 – What’s Up With Orillia?

The City of Orillia has apparently decided to appeal the OEB decision refusing to approve the purchase of Orillia Distribution by Hydro One. What’s up with that? How We Got Here – the Transaction Let’s start with some background.  On … Continue reading

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Energy #22 – Electricity Distribution: A Radical Proposal

This is a proposal to alter, in a fairly radical way, how electricity distribution rates are set in the province of Ontario. The proposal is to shift to postage-stamp rates, i.e. everyone in the province with similar distribution requirements pays … Continue reading

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Energy #21 – Guelph Hydro: Fifteen Claims

Since my article on November 5th analysing aspects of the Guelph Hydro Alectra merger, a number of readers in Guelph have asked me to look at the transaction further, particularly in light of the lengthy report tabled December 1st to … Continue reading

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Energy #20 – An Open Letter to Guelph Hydro Customers

Alectra Utilities and Guelph Hydro are discussing a merger, the headlines say. Already there is a flurry of information available to local Guelph residents about those discussions, and the many benefits of joining the Alectra fold.  For the most part, … Continue reading

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Energy #19 – Regulatory Capture

This article was originally supposed to be about the Fair Hydro plan, and in particular the regulatory failures that led to the political need for it. As so often happens, events overtook my plan.  While I was looking at the … Continue reading

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