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Energy #17 – Death Spiral

Ontario Power Generation is going to go bankrupt. No, I am not speaking metaphorically.  Just as its predecessor Ontario Hydro did in 1999, so too OPG will reach the point of insolvency when it is no longer a viable commercial … Continue reading

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The Value of Ideas

We like to think this time in human history is the age of ideas. Now, more than ever before, society values ideas. Well, perhaps not so much. Ideas, creativity, new thinking, do not appear to be valued in their own … Continue reading

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Fixing Facebook – the Common Carrier Option

       –  Jay Shepherd, July 13, 2014 Facebook is a problem.  However, it may be a solvable problem. Note that I am not saying social media is a problem.  That may be true too, but that is a different problem.  … Continue reading

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