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Machiavelli Comes to Thailand

Thailand’s first election in years opens up an intriguing range of possibilities. Continue reading

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Lives #12: A Star

[This is the twelfth in a series of stories about interesting people I’ve known, called “Lives”.  I don’t know whether you would call it non-fiction, or fiction.  I’ve changed the names, and some of the details, so that the individuals … Continue reading

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Weekend in Red Deer

Nine degrees on Saturday.  Seven degrees on Sunday.  Rain.  29 km/hr headwind.  I was suspicious. It took less than an hour of intense (but fair) cross-examination of the organizers of the Red Deer MS Ride to get them to admit … Continue reading

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The Draft Constitution of Thailand – An Analysis

Abstract You assess a constitution by looking at three elements:  what rights are fully protected, how is the power to run the country divided and organized, and how are those in power selected?  Thailand’s proposed new constitution has significant issues … Continue reading

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Where Could You Live?

Do you want to try an exercise in understanding yourself? Here is a test. Make a list of all of the cities you have ever visited, any time in your life. Don’t be lazy. Actually write it down. Even doing … Continue reading

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What Is It About Thailand?

     –   by Jay Shepherd, July 31, 2014 I can’t count the number of times people have asked me why I return to Thailand, year after year.  What is it about that country, they say, that draws me back, even … Continue reading

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