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Energy #23 – What’s Up With Orillia?

The City of Orillia has apparently decided to appeal the OEB decision refusing to approve the purchase of Orillia Distribution by Hydro One. What’s up with that? How We Got Here – the Transaction Let’s start with some background.  On … Continue reading

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Small Business Tax Avoidance Proposals

[This is my analysis of current government proposals to change the private corporation tax rules, limiting certain tax planning schemes.  It has also been filed as a submission to the Minister of Finance.] Background and Summary I own a small … Continue reading

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Who Knew Freedom of Speech Would be So Complicated?

This article originally started with the sentence “I can’t remember the last time I agreed with Jeffrey Lord.”  That may no longer be true. It’s true that his conservative views are about as far away from my more liberal approach … Continue reading

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